Rug cleaning services

Rug cleaning services

Compact Cleansing offer specialist rug cleaning services which includes fine rug cleaning.

Our service includes the collection of your rug, careful cleaning and specialist drying with air movers.

Professional rug cleaning will not only revitalise your rugs but also prolong their life span.


Rug Cleaning – What you can expect from Compact Cleansing

  • Your rug will be collected
  • It will be thoroughly and carefully cleaned
  • Optical brighteners will be utilised in a specially formulated solution to enhance the colours within the rug
  • Rapid drying through specialist air movers
  • Delivery of your perfectly cleaned rug!

Optional Stain Guarding for Rugs

Compact Cleansing can also apply stain guard to your rug. The stain-guarding service provides a protective shield that helps to repel liquid, dirt and grime, giving you time to clean spills and prevent staining. Find out more about the stain guard service.

Specialist Rug Cleaning Services

  • Reputation for outstanding cleaning and service
  • Fully inclusive and honest pricing
  • Experienced and trained staff
  • Industry approved and most advanced equipment and solutions
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